How We Do It

"If the product that was wanted or needed did not exist, we designed our own to make sure we delivered on that wish list."

Orbital began with a clean slate to deliver our customers' wish list of analytical solutions for the natural gas delivery chain. If a product that was wanted or needed did not exist, we designed our own to make sure we delivered to customer expectations, without compromise. The value and safety of real time information requires no compromise.

Sampling – VE Technology®

Orbital overcame the well-known and even the less well known problems with sampling high pressure, high velocity particulate and droplet contaminated natural gas without corrupting the subsequent samples. How we maintain sample identity:

  1. Orbital invented dynamic decontamination. While filters and membranes get the job done, they do the job by trapping particulates. Those particulates subsequently pollute all the following gas that passes by.
  2. Orbital always sample from the centre 1/3rd, the most representative region of flow. Restricting probe insertion length because of vortex-induced vibration (VIV) is a hindrance to good practice. We eliminated VIV so we can sample from where you want.
  3. Joule-Thomson cooling in pressure reduction has the ability to change the phase of the sample – we make sure to look after the molecules as opposed to hiding the problem inside the process.
  4. Orbital eliminated dead spaces, dead legs and NPT threads, because NPT threads create dead spaces and particulate traps.
  5. Orbital minimised sampling system volume to expedite response, reduce emissions and energy consumption.

These to name just a few.

Measurement – GasPT®

In most cases the delivery chain is not interested in a detailed compositional analysis of the natural gas, but more so in some of the physical properties that are a result of the composition. The current industry believes that compositional analysis by chromatography is the best way to determine the physical properties of natural gas.

No longer is this the case; GasPT provides all the physical property information required without the problems, costs and complex nature of chromatography. It is intrinsically safe, small and rugged and can be installed directly on the pipeline.


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